Modern Bethlehem is an agricultural market and trade center closely linked to nearby Jerusalem.

It lies at a distance of 10 kms (6 miles) to the south of the Old City of Jerusalem.. Read More

Grand hotel Restaurant

The modern large kitchen at this Hotel provides a quality dining.

The experienced chefs and waiters welcome all guests warmly

and offer them the best service during their staying.

Restaurant & Bar

Located on the lobby area, A la Carte where people can eat

authentic Mexican food and sea food dishes at affordable prices.

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner while the Mexican melody

amuses present gests.

Grand Hotel

There are 107 rooms which are newly decorated as well as the special

colors at each room evoking coziness, warmth and intimacy as if you were

at home. All rooms are equipped with TV, satellite and a telephone.


Grand Hotel Bethlehem

On one of the hilltops of the Holy City hills, at the city of peace where Jesus Christ was born, lays Bethlehem Grand Hotel with its breathtaking sights to some of the most important sites at the Holy Land. Jerusalem is clearly in sight to the northern west at a distance of 8 km (10 minutes walking) from the center of the city. The Dead Sea rests to the south as well as the Shepherd’s Field, while the mountain of Herodion, which was mentioned at the Old Testimony, could be recognized from the Hotel.

Make Bethlehem your perfect launch to discover Jerusalem, Jericho, the Dead Sea, Hebron and Nazareth in the Galilee.

The most prominent landmark is the Basilica of the Nativity, built on the site of Jesus birth, the Milk Grotto, where the holy family took refuge and where Virgin Mary nursed Jesus, the infant.

Comfort and plain good service is found at the Grand hotel.


Address:Palestine , Bethlehem.



P.O.Box: 591,Bethlehem